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Lower costs, higher impact

Smart Competency based learning

Based on the innovative outcomes of EC funded research projects

Innovative Learning Strategy

Integrated approach for cost effective and high impact learning.

Your own Learning Path

Personalised learning and learner interatcions

Reflection Model Guide

Interactive support to select your reflective learing approach

Quality and Impact

It is important to learn not but at all costs. Our Quality Approach is based on international standards and proven evaluation methods. We use a 5 phase approach for establishing impact and ROI.

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Learn Effective

Time to competence, is a way to learn more effective. Lower cost and higher results.

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Reflective Learning

You can reflect on learning and the way you working. Learn every day and the howl day, Reflective Learning (working)


With our innovative learning strategy framework we support you to aligning the learning strategy with your business objectives

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Your work is our work

Some of the examples where we used PIRL for engaging e-learning

Dare to think differently


Knowledge is power, boundaries are pushes and more can be extracted

TRHThere are two elements that we want to look at than it is today:
1. the student knows more than we can really train them. Every person has personal qualities that we can use on the job.
Here we combined learning with information enrich to create opportunities for improve the quality of business .

 2. Because the students are not all the same and do not have to learn everything again we have a personal learning path created.
So it makes learning more effective and nice.

3. Companies want higher returns from the same work. by directly extract information from employees while learning we can immediately achieve better results in the same work